App Technology

We analyze the business process, competition, customers, and industry to understand growth challenges and deliver scalable apps on Cloud / Mobile platforms.

We analyze and study the business process to understand business needs and challenges to provide custom business process automation apps on cloud.

Agile App Development

By using an Agile processes, we are able to respond to changing needs as the project progresses by committing to valuable features, which are released in fortnightly iterations. Working closely with clients we can establish the features which would be of most benefit, a product version can be released which provides the most significant impact and returns. Implementing agile app development projects we reduce risk through clearer visibility, and therefore reduce time to market.


The learning process. We research the client’s industry, corporate ecosystem, competitors, and brand identity to discover problem areas and areas of opportunity. We work with the client to find app solutions to these areas, using our expertise in consultancy to define a problem solving strategy.


In Design we architect a workable solution with our app developers to the problems identified. In this consultative exercise, developers at Prompt work closely with clients, in a back and forth collaboration, to design a workable app solution; focusing on aesthetic design and technical, architectural design.


The collation of client dependencies; incorporating their analytics, social media platforms and other assets into the development of the app. The various designs defined in the previous stage are applied to functional interfaces in the app, maximising the user experience. At this stage we hold weekly meetings for feedback with clients