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MacOS Malware: Myth versus Truth – Podcast

MacOS Malware: Myth versus Truth - Podcast

Huntress Labs R&D Director Jamie Levy busts the old “Macintoshes don’t get infections” fantasy and offers tips on how MacOS malware varies and how to safeguard against it.

Recall those promotions with a sniffling fellow he’s an in a suit PC and to remain away, he has that terrible infection that is going near? “That is OK,” says the youthful, hip person in pants: He’s a Mac.

The untruthiness of the thought that Macs are resistant to malware has been demonstrated by different MacOS-centered malwares. Models incorporate Silver Sparrow, the malware equipped for focusing on Apple’s then-new M1 ARM design Macs back in February 2021. Another: the variation of the Shlayer Mac OSX malware with cutting edge secrecy capacities that was seen in the wild in June 2020, effectively utilizing harmed Google query items to track down casualties.

Apparatuses to Protect MacOS

These are the devices to safeguard MacOS that Jamie suggested during the digital broadcast:

  • Apple’s Gatekeeper, Notarization, and XProtect: Turn on Apple’s own MacOS instruments to recognize and impede malware.
  • Humdinger: A free, open firewall for Macs from Objective-See that Jamie prescribes as an enhancement to the default firewall in MacOS.
  • Little Snitch: A host-based application firewall for macOS from Objective Development Software GmbH, Little Snitch can be utilized to screen applications, forestalling or allowing them to interface with joined networks through cutting edge rules. Jamie said it’s fundamentally similar to Lulu, with the exception of “perhaps it’s somewhat more expanded.”
  • RansomWhere: A device from Objective-See that ceaselessly screens the record framework for the making of scrambled documents by dubious cycles to shield individual documents from ransomware.
  • BlockBlock: Another device from Objective-See, BlockBlock screens normal diligence areas and cautions at whatever point an industrious part is added.

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